Carmen and Belén pretended to make a magic potion. They found a big black cooking pot. Carmen threw in his fange the dracula and a hair on witch. Belén found ghost snot and wolf nails. They danced aroun the pot, chanting. Abracadabra! Carmen called. Nothing has happened ; said Carmen, disappointed. Carmen felr his neck and its colour, and looked in a mirror. `AAGH!´. She called to his mum, `I am going to bed´. But instead she searched nearly all nighr on the Iternet four a cure. At last she found www.helpforbadspells.com and tried everything. Nothing seemed to work. She fell asleep, tired out. Next morning his mum came in.`Time for school´. `I can not go, mum. I look like an giraffe´. `Do not be silly! What an excuse!´She said. `Hooray!! I am go to school.´