Belén and  Eva pretended to make a magic potion. They found a small red cooking poot.Belén threw in his pumpkins lantern and hat. Eva found spider's web and skull. they danced around the pot,chanting.'Abracadabra'! Belén called. 'Nhoting has happened,' said Belén, disa ppointed Belén felt his eyes and ears, and looked in a mirror .'Aagh!'
She called to is dad, 'I 'm going to bed.'
But instead she searched nearly all night on the Internet for a cure.
At last she found and tried every thing.
Nhoting seemed to work.
She fell esleep, tired out.
Next morning his mum came in. 'Time for school'
'I can't go, Dad. I look like an mouse.'
'Don't she Belén! What and excuse!' the said 'Hooray I can to school!'

                                            Ana María Magán Martín