imad and Israel pretend to make a magic portion.
They found a big black cooking pot.
Tomi threw in is one monkey and two mouses.
Israel found two pumpkins and one spider.
They droned around the pot,chanting .
Abracalabra Israel called.
Nothing has happened , said Toni,disappainted.
Toni felt is nose and ears ,and looked a mirrior .
He called to this mum .I am going to bed !
But instead he searehed nearly all night on the internet for tired everything .
At lost he fam and
Nothing seemed to work .
He fell a spleep ,tired out.
Next morning his mum come in .Time for school !
I cant go, mum .I look like on cat.
do not be silli ! what an excuse , she said .
Hoogary .I can go to school!