Potion boom

Fernando and Pablo pretended to make a magic potion. They found a big black cooking pot. Pablo threw in his nose hair and gray hair. Pablo threw in this monkey nails and mucus. They dance around the pot, chanting. ABRACADABRA¡¡¡.Pablo called. `Noting has happened`,said Fernando, disappointed. Pablo felt his long neck and ears, and looked in a mirror.AAAAA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡.He called to his mum I`m going to bed. But instead he searched nearly all night on the internet for a cure. At last he found www.helpforbadspells.com and tried everynight. Nothing seemed to work. He fell asleep, tired out. Next morning his mum came in. Time for school. I can`t go , mum.I look like an elephant. Don`t be silly¡ Whant an excuse! she said. Hooray i can go to school.

Rubén Grande Muñoz