Ruben and Pepe pretented to make a magic potion.They found a big black cooking pot.Pepe threw in his ass hair and horse vomiting. Ruben found frog legs and cow pop. They danced around the pot, goofing.`Abracadabra!´ Pepe called . `Nothing has happened; said Pepe, disappointed. Juanxo felt his wings and loocked in a mirror . AAAAA!!!!!!!!!!He called. I'm going to bed. But instead he searched nearly all night on the Internet for a cure. At last he found and tried everithing. Nothing seemed to work. He fell asleep, tired out. Next morning his mum come in.`Time for school!´.I can´t go to school, mum.T look like an fly. `I don´t be silly !What an excuse!´she said. Hooooray!I can go to school!´

Pablo Domínguez Pérez