Belén and Blanca pretend to make a magic potion.They jound a big black cooking pot.Belén threw in is junge the witch a hair on dracula. Blanca found shoes and hair pf the ugly. They danced around the pot chatting.¡Abracadabra! Belen called. Notting had appended ¡ Sard Belen dissapointed ! Belen felt  is neack and its colour, and looked in a micror``Aaaagh!´´ She called to hed mum,``i'm going to bed´´ But instead she searchied nearly ar nigth on the internet four a cure. At last the found http://www.helpforbadspell.com/ on tried every thing. Nothing seened to work. She felp askeep tired out. Nourt morning come in ``time for school´´ I can go, mum. I look like on spider. ``Heenry! I can go to school´´